The medical herb garden

Sarpakkavu is a unique culture of Keralite tradition. Serpent gods are worshipped in this premises and hence the name. It is a protected mini evergreen ecosystem with out human interference. It is a small forest in another means. Nechiyil family has protected such a Sarpakkavu which has an area of 2 acres. Various species of plants naturally growing here. Very old trees grow with out the fear of deforestation. The belief of Serpent gods tremendously helped the ancient society to keep such island in the centre of each village in olden times.

This works as an atmospheric purifier or can be called as the lungs of villages. More over it has a roll to maintain ground water level. Varieties of birds find shelter in this forest. Hence this is an ancient scientific holistic eco balancing method found out by our ancestors. Nechiyil family is still protecting its ancient snake temple with out any damage. A plant called Chiravilwam in Sanskrit [Holoptelia integrifolia.Roxb. planchon] with a circumference of 25 feet and approximately 120 feet height is growing in the centre of this temple. A Medicinal herb garden is also developing at its side.

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